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America's First- A History of America's Oldest Continuously Operating Sheriff's Department
1 America's First- A History of America's Oldest Continuously Operating Sheriff's Department
United Book Press 2017 First Paperback New 
“America’s First”, begins when the colonists landed in March 1634; and not until 1637/8 was a sheriff appointed. The book delves into the next 378 years, and explores the history of how a sheriff was selected, weapons and punishments administered during those times, and how the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office has evolved into the entity it is today and the pride the agency has in being “America’s First”. For law enforcement enthusiasts, history lovers, current and former residents of St. Mary’s County, this book will carry you through the years and show just how this small office evolved into the progressive and modern agency it is today. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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Britannica Great Books of the Western World
2 Britannica Great Books of the Western World
1982 Hardcover Very good No jackets as issue set of 54 books 
1. The Syntopicon: An Index to the Great Ideas 2. The Syntopicon (cont.) 3. Homer, The Iliad, The Odyssey 4. Aeschylus, Plays Sophocles, Plays Euripides, Plays Aristophanes, Plays 5. Herodotus, The History of the Persian Wars Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War 6. Plato, Dialogues, The Seventh Letter 7. Aristotle, Works 8. Aristotle, Works (cont.) 9. Hippocrates, Works Galen, On the Natural Faculties 10. Euclid, Elements Archimedes, Works Nicomachus, Introduction to Arithmetic 11. Lucretius, The Way Things Are Epictetus, Discourses Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Plotinus, The Six Enneads 12. Virgil, Eclogues, Georgics, The Aeneid 13. Plutarch, The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans 14. Tacitus, The Annals, The Histories 15. Ptolemy, The Almagest Nicolaus Copernicus, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Johannes Kepler, Epitome of Copernican Astronomy (Books IV-V), The Harmonies of the World (Book V) 16. Saint Augustine, The Confessions, The City of God, On Christian Doctrine 17. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica 18. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica (cont.) 19. Dante, The Divine Comedy Geoffrey Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde, The Canterbury Tales 20. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion 21. Nicolo Machiavelli, The Prince Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan 22. François Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel 23. Desiderius Erasmus, Praise of Folly Michel de Montaigne, Essays 24. William Shakespeare, Plays 25. William Shakespeare, Plays (cont.), Sonnets 26. William Gilbert, On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies Galileo, Dialogues Concerning the Two New Sciences William Harvey, On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals, On the Circulation of the Blood, On the Generation of Animals 27. Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote 28. Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning, Novum Organum, New Atlantis René Descartes, Rules for the Direction of the Mind, Discourse on the Method, Meditations on First Philosophy, Objections Against the Meditations and Replies, The Geometry Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics 29. John Milton, English Minor Poems, Paradise Lost, Samson Agonistes, Areopagitica 30. Blaise Pascal, The Provincial Letters, Pensées, Scientific Treatises 31. Molière, The School for Wives, The Critique of the School for Wives, Tartuffe, Don Juan, The Miser, The Would-Be Gentleman, The Would-Be Invalid Jean Racine, Berenice, Phaedra 32. Isaac Newton, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, Optics Christiaan Huygens, Treatise on Light 33. John Locke, A Letter Concerning Toleration, Second Essay on Civil Government, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding George Berkeley, The Principles of Human Knowledge David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding 34. Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels Voltaire, Candide Denis Diderot, Rameau’s Nephew 35. Montesquieu, The Spirit of Laws Jean-Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, A Discourse on Political Economy, The Social Contract 36. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations 37. Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 38. Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (cont.) 39. Immanuel Kant, The Critique of Pure Reason, Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals, The Critique of Practical Reason, Preface and Introduction to the Metaphysical Elements of Ethics, General Introduction to the Metaphysic of Morals, The Science of Right, The Critique of Judgment 40. American State Papers (Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the United States of America) Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, The Federalist Papers John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, Representative Government, Utilitarianism 41. James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson 42. Antoine Lavoisier, Elements of Chemistry Michael Faraday, Experimental Researches in Electricity 43. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, The Philosophy of Right, The Philosophy of History Soren Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 44. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America 45. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust Honoré de Balzac, Cousin Bette 46. Jane Austen, Emma George Eliot, Middlemarch 47. Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit 48. Herman Melville, Moby Dick Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn 49. Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, The Descent of Man 50. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party Karl Marx, Capital (Vol. 1) 51. Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace 52. Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov Henrik Ibsen, A Doll’s House, The Wild Duck, Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder 53. William James, The Principles of Psychology 54. Sigmund Freud, Major Works (including Selected Papers on Hysteria, The Interpretation of Dreams, A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Civilization and Its Discontents, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis) 
Price: 250.00 USD
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3 Celebrating 40 Years of Fine and Rare Wines
Bel- Air Twenty Twenty Paperback Very Good 
Illustrated large, softcover book. Very lovely! Some minor shelf wear to edges.Soft Cover. Very Good. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. 
Price: 22.20 USD
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4 Eius Virtutis Studiosi Classical and Postclassical Studies in Memory of Frank Edward Brown
National Gallery of Art 0894681958 / 9780894681950 Hardcover As New As New Jacket 
Still in shrink wrap. 504 pages, 417 illustrations, 19 color plates. "Twenty-six essays explore the art and architecture of the ancient world, from Greek colonization in the west trhough the Roman empire, and the transmission of this legacy from the Renaissance to modern times."Cloth. As New/As New. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 
Price: 87.80 USD
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5 Enjoying Maine Birds an Aid to Finding, Studying, and Attracting Birds in Maine
Maine Audubon Society 1960 Paperback Very Good 
Cover is a bit stained and scuffed. Pages are all clean, bright and marked. 84 pp including index. Lots of black and white illustrations.Soft Cover. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 
Price: 11.10 USD
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6 From La Fayette to Pershing
1918 Paperback Very Good 
Has inscription inside front cover that reads, "July 6th July 14th 1918 With thanks and compliments from the French High Commission." There is a name that is difficult to read but the last name is Aubert. Also, there is a stmp that reads "Services D'Etudes Et D'Information, Haut Commissariat De La Republique Francaise, Washington, DC. Edges of covers are somewhat tattered but very good condition for their age. Text is in French and English. Many photos and illustrations. Rare.Soft Cover. Very Good. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 
Price: 44.40 USD
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7 Rat- Tat 1920 VOL. XXII
Annapolis, Maryland Junior Class of St. John's College 1920 Hardcover Good No Jacket Jacket 
Black boards with imprint of Rat-Tat seal on front. Discolored and specked. Some foxint to endpapers. Binding a bit loose at pastedowns. Photo of basketball team inside. 249 pages plus ads in rear. Some pages a bit loose.Cloth. Good/No Jacket. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 
Price: 55.60 USD
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8 Records Computers and the Rights of Citizens Report of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare 1973 Paperback Very Good 
Very clean book. Underlining on one page. Three pages had the corners folded at one time. Very minor shelf wear. 346 pages. Red paper wraps. An interesting read in these times! All orders processed and sent within one business day.Soft Cover. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 
Price: 22.20 USD
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9 Reports from the Fields (Liberal Learning and the Arts and Sciences Major Ser., Vol. 2)
Washington, DC, U.S.A. Association of American Colleges & Universities 1991 0911696504 / 9780911696509 Paperback Good 
Some minor water stains to cover. College stamp on title page and note in ink on next page. 226 pp.Soft Cover. Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 
Price: 11.10 USD
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10 The Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution Centennial Register 1889 to 1989
Dayton, Ohio Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution 1988 First Hardcover Like new No Jacket 10 inches high by 7 inches wide 
Book is so tight, it must never have been opened. However there are some minor stains the top of the text block. Reference and Genealogy. Sent within one business day, carefully packaged. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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11 The World of Mankind
Golden Press 1962 Hardcover Fine 
In original cardboard sleeve with paste down illustration on top. Some shelf wear to edges of this cover but not to boards at all. Lavishly illustrated look at the world, by many celebrated authors and photographers. Writers include Joyce Cary, VS Pritchett, Sean O'Faolain, Paul Bowles, Alan Paton, AB Guthrie, Nikos Kazantzakis. Rare.Cloth. Fine. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. 
Price: 27.80 USD
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12 United States Army War Show 1942
Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. Albert Love Enterprises 1942 Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Jacket 
Blue boards embossed with titles on front. Very clean inside and out. Corners slightly bumped. 94 pages. Photos available upon request. Proud member IOBA- Independent Online Booksellers Association.Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Folio - over 12" - 15" Tall. 
Price: 44.40 USD
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13 Vintages 1999 Catalogue of the Finest and Rarest Wines
Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants Paperback Very Good No Jacket Jacket 
Like new except for minor edge wear to cover.Soft Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. 
Price: 22.20 USD
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14 Vintages 2000 Catalogue of the Finest and Rarest Wines
Paperback Very Good No Jacket Jacket 
Minor shelf wear to edges, other wise like new.Soft Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. 
Price: 34.40 USD
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15 What Color are Americas Prisons? U.S. Incarceration Rates By State, By Race and Sex
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee 1983 Paperback As New 
Discusses U.S. incarceration rates by state, by race and by sex. Yellow book (more like a booklet) with black highlighting around yellow lettering on cover.Soft Cover. As New. 
Price: 63.30 USD
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16 XXIVth International Navigation Congress
Leningrad 1977 Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Jacket 
Black boards, gold and silver embossed. Inland and open waters issues, port constuction concerns, cargo regulations. Soviet Union and Europe coordination. 414pp. Rare reference of Soviet science and international relations.Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 
Price: 27.80 USD
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17 Abdoh, Salar The Poet Game
New York, NY, U.S.A. Picador 2000 0312209541 / 9780312209544 First Edition Hardcover As New Fine Jacket 
"Critics pronounced the spy novel dead after the fall of the Berlin Wall; The Poet Game shows that it is alive and well and living in Manhattan. The voice is spare, clean, and insightgul. I was reminded of classic noir - there is a kind of murderous narcissism that belongs both to that genre and to the world of intelligence, and Salar Abdoh captures it brilliantly."- Ioin McNamee, author of Resurrection Man. From the back of DJ.Hard Cover. As New/Fine. 
Price: 11.10 USD
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18 Abelove, Joan Go and Come Back
New York, New York, U.S.A. Dk Ink 1998 0789424762 / 9780789424761 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine Very Good Jacket 
Book is tight, solid and square. Small tear to top of dj. DJ is protected by mylar jacket. Appears to be unread. "Joan Abelove lived in the Amazon jungle for two years, with people much like those protrayed in this book. She has a doctorate in cultural anthropology. 'Go and Come Back' is her first book."Hardcover. Near Fine/Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.. 
Price: 26.70 USD
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19 Adams, Laurie Schneider Art Across Time: Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century
Blacklick, Ohio, U.S.A. McGraw-Hill College 1998 0697274799 / 9780697274793 Paperback Fine No Jacket as Issued Jacket 
Very minor scuffs to covers. Pages clean and bright. 480pages plus indices. Lovely book. "In a clear, straightforward style, Laurie Schneider Adams narrates the history of art, reviewing stlistic development, situating wors in context, subjecting them to formal analysis, and considering the lives of the artists who created them."Oversized Softcover. Fine/No Jacket as Issued. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 
Price: 54.40 USD
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20 Agar, Michael H. The Professional Stranger : An Informal Introduction to Ethnography (Studies in Anthropology)
San Diego, CA, U.S.A. Elsevier Science & Technology Books 1980 012043850X / 9780120438501 Paperback Good 
Some notes, underlining and highlights throughout. 227 pp. including index. Brown covers with orange titling. Strong binding. "The Professional Stranger introduces an ethnographic perspective on the study of human life. Ethnography's goal is defined as the acquisition of an ability to interpret events as do members of some group. The perspective is further explored by contrasting ethnographyu with more traditional hypothesis testing approaches in the social sciences. Numerous examples are used, drawn for the most part from the author's field experiences in South India and with urban U.S. heroin addicts. While not intended as a methodological cookbook, several problems in ethnographic interfviewing and observation are discussed. Throughout, there is a concern with the difficult task of providing systematic documentation of key ethnographic conclusions."Trade Paperback. Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.. 
Price: 27.70 USD
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