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Fenwick Street Used Books and Music is located in historic downtown Leonardtown, the county seat for St. Mary's County, Maryland. Just off the square, our store holds over 20,000 books in what used to be Duke's Bar, a landmark in the history of Leonardtown. The bar came down by steamship from a hotel in Baltimore over 70 years ago, and is the centerpiece for the shop! Located in the Duke Building. Besides books of all kinds, we also have a very large collection of vinyl records including many collectible rock, jazz, blues and big band albums! If we don't have what you are looking for, please fill out a search request, and we will try and find it for you!

Physical Store hours: Holiday hours until Christmas

Monday /Tuesday & Wednesday – 11:00-5:00

Thursday – 11:00-6:00

Friday – 10:00-6:00 pm

Saturday – 10:00-5:00 pm

Sunday - 11:00-4:00


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Praise from our customers:


Dear Joe,
Thank you so much for the beautiful book you sent.  It was in
BETTER condition than advertised.  You do honor to a noble
profession at a time when there are so many charlatans out there
trying to make a fast buck and disgracing that profession.  For a
book lover like myself, such integrity is priceless. Having been so
often deceived regarding the condition of books I've bought over
the Internet, I cannot thank you enough for such personal service,
fast delivery, and above all, for delivering a product of such
immaculate condition. I would never again hesitate to buy anything
from you, sight unseen, trusting implicitly in your word regarding
any product. I could not be more pleased.



Hi Joe, I have received your book already by Goffart.
I got it today (Tuesday here in Brisbane Australia) a record 6 days after it was sent.
Congratulations to Joe Orlando and the MD branch of the US Postal Service.
I take longer than that deciding what cereal to have for breakfast!
Best wishes

I received the book on Sat., Nov 19th. Thanks for sending it so quickly.  And thanks again - the book was pretty tough to find.